Videobrick Hackaton

We are happy to announce our first Videobrick Hackaton.

It will take place in Otelo Vöcklabruck during Friday 10th October and Saturday 11th October, from 10:00AM. We would like to invite everyone willing to hack and join our Videobrick project and learn about technics related with electronics

Video brick is an early prototype of an open source and hardware device for audio and video (live) streaming. It has been started in early 2014 by Georg Ottinger (OTELO VB), Georg Lippitsch (, Wien) and Gabriel Lucas (MediaLab Prado, Madrid)

Right now it´s a research project around the HDMI signals and SOC (System On Chips).

At this moment we are developing a shield that would fit on top of a OlinuXino A10-LIME (an open hardware developing platform with good performance, price and philosophy). You could find the schematics in our github account.

We would like to invite you to join and hack with us. The program for these days would be:

  • SMD assemble with stencils and a microscope. Take a look to this nice tutorial explaining the process of doing the stencils.
  • Reflow with toast oven
  • Hardware checking
  • I2C debugging
  • Embedded Linux with the Olimex LIME
  • Linux kernel driver programming

We will keep you post with news of the hackaton and future steps.


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