reconstructing rgb images

after playing around more with the v4l2-driver I could reconstruct an RGB-image. This proves that all signallines from the VideoBrick to the A10 are working:







I opened all these 3 Images in GIMP (as individual Layers) and converted them to grayscale using the Menu Colors->Components->Recompose. This way I could recreate the orignial image:


Which is working – unfourtunatly though the RGB-Format used in V4L2 – is one byte R, one byte G, one byte B – but with this driver i get a planar output of Image-R, Image-G, Image-B. I still have to figure out what common color space the the ADV7611 provides that can be used with the Allwinner CSI-Perihperal and V4L2.

The next test was to force the ADV7611 into YUV4:2:2 16Bit output mode – this way i could receive a Grayscale Image (because the Luma-Channel (Y) equals basically the grayscale information):

gray8As you might notice there are still issues with the offset of the image …

As for testing I also switchted to gstreamer-1.0 – making the gst-plugin-cedar (H264 Encoder) currently unavailable because this is a gst-0.10 plugin.

you can capture grayscale Images using the Source from the github:

$ sudo ./loadmodules

loads the needed modules

$ ./stillcapture

captures the Grayscale image…


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