Thermal Images of VideoBrick

Here are some images of VideoBricks thermal performance

After capturing 720p50 for about 15min – the ADV7611 heats up to ~47 degress Celsius with an enviroment temperature of about 22 degrees.

FLIR0147The LDO (3v3 to 1v8) heats up to around 62 degrees  – which is a bit hot for my taste, but not really critical – the LDO is really tiny, it is a TPS72018DRVT so maybe we will swap the LDO to something with a bigger package as we have enough room to do so.


On the backside of the LIME we can monitor the temp (58 degrees C) of the Allwinner A10 while captureing (note in this setup the H264 encoder is not running), so in the final test the produced heat of the CPU might be higher.


Last but not least lets have a look at the Powermanagment Chip (48 degrees C) of the Olimex Lime – I have to choose an angle in order to have a look at it because it is under the VideoBrick-Shield.



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