VideoBrick goes KiCad ;)

With the help of Karl we now have the foundation to design the Beta-Prototypes of the VideoBrick in KiCad.


As you can see not much routing has been done – this is mainly because the Beta-Prototypes most likely will use the CSI0 instead of the CSI1 camera interface – with this switch we will loose the support for 24-Bit RGB 4:4:4 but we will gain more flexibility when it comes to YUV colorspaces – (4:2:2 and 4:2:0) this is particularly important as the software support for this YUVs spaces is much more common. thanks Karl.

first version of the files can be found at our github



  1. jef

    Why do you want to sacrifice RGB input? That would have been the most interesting feature of this board for me.
    There is the G2D in A10/A20, it can do any format conversion you want in hardware: Why don’t you always input RGB and convert it to whatever you want afterwards, it would keep the full flexibility this board has over the normal hdmi grabbers one can buy everywhere.
    And as far as I have seen you already encoded YUV420 sucessfully.

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    • oggstreamer

      Hi Jef – I get your point – We expierienced some problems with NV16 colorspace in ffmpeg / gstreamer – so we need colorspaces that are available and supported in Software. As we can caputre YUV422 with this board we could use an averaging routine (in software) to downsample to YUV420 or use the built in Mixer Processor … Truth is no one of our Team has expiriences with the Mixer Processor of A10/A20.

      But I get your point and I agree that using CSI1 would be the smarter decission.


  2. oggstreamer

    There is a catch however with the RGB-Capture mode …
    to capture RAW 1080p60 – a lot of bandwidth is needed. 373 MBytes / s to be more precise. Real-World Benchmarks of the SATA-Interface are about 60 Mbytes/s – so not even 720p25 capture would be possible (because this would need 69 Mbytes/s)

    I suspect the GMAC Interface to be even slower – so RAW capture is not a real option on this Hardware


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