2nd VideoBrick Hackathon

We are all quite busy, with our day jobs – so sometimes a project is not progressing as fast as we wish. In order to take the next steps, lets define them and set a date for the next Hackathon.

It will take place at the Otelo Vöcklabruck during Friday 24th April and Saturday 25th April from 10:00AM. We would like to invite everyone willing to hack and join our Videobrick project and learn about technics related with linux programming and hardware hacking.

As basic capture works we now can set our agenda for the next steps:

  • modify two alpha-prototypes (DE-Line hack)
  • adapt an existing kernel-driver to receiver I2S-Audio
  • make the videocapture more stable.
  • implement a alpha-prototype of a streaming application.

Once we have completed this steps we can think about moving to the Beta-Phase, which includes a redesign of the PCB (this time in KiCad) and trying to motiviate more developers from the community.


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